Fourside is a big city & capital of Eagleland. Fourside is the fourth city in the country. Fourside contains over lot of special locations. Seaside District are the only ports in Eagleland.


Fourside consists four district: Upper Fourside (residence), Downtown Fourside, Lower Fourside, and Fourside Harbor. Fourside contains various locations. It holds the capital of Eagleland.

Points of InterestsEdit

  • Monotoli Building
  • Fourside Department Store
  • Fourside Bakery
  • Jackie's Cafe
  • Fourside Hospital
  • Topolla Theater
  • Fourside Harbor
  • Fourside Dinosaur Muesum
  • Fourside Muesum of Natural History
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Science Museum

Fourside Public SchoolsEdit

  • Fourside Preschool
  • Fourside Kindergarten
  • Fourside Elementary
  • Fourside Academy
  • Fourside High
  • Fourside University