Seaside District is a district located at the edge of the right of Middle Island, Fourside. Seaside District is the only ports in Eagleland. Seaside District contains four harbors.

Moonrise PortEdit

Moonrise Port is one of the ports in the district. The port is not that populous. The port holds the S.S Magnolia.

Fourside HarborEdit

Fourside Harbor is one the ports in the district. The harbor is the largest harbor in the city. The harbor holds the S.S Royal.

Sunrise PierEdit

Sunrise Pier is one of the port in the district. The pier is populous in the city. The pier holds the S.S Shadow.

Dusk DocksEdit

Dusk Docks is one of the last ports in the district. The docks is like Moonrise Port not populous. The docks holds the S.S Battleship.