Twoson is a small city in Eagleland. Twoson is the second city in the country. The town is south of Illusion Forest, west to the Peaceful Rest Valley, and north of Threed.


Twoson is a small city but it has special locations: department store, theater, best schools, great park, and townn hall. In the south, The Two-Three Tunnel that connect between Twoson and Threed is down there.

Points of InterestsEdit

  • Twoson Department Store
  • Twoson Town Hall
  • Chaos Theater
  • Twoson Hospital
  • Twoson Sunset Hotel
  • Polestar Preschool
  • Twoson Elementary
  • Twoson High
  • Punk-Sure
  • Burglin Park


  1. Second Town of Eagleland
  2. Twoson, Eagleland